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Code of Conduct for the 1st IRF (SOAR) Public Server
Code of Conduct - Rules on the 1st IRF (SOAR) Servers
Note: This is an ever-evolving list, and does not necessarily constitute the complete code of conduct for players on this server.

Core Rules
Violating these rules in any way (unless stated in the exceptions section below) is a bannable offense. No first-offense warnings need be given, these rules are common sense, and ignorance is not a defense.

  1. Do not shoot at any players. Ever. Under any circumstances. No exceptions.
  2. Do not willfully destroy allied property, either through weapons fire or through misuse. [1]
  3. Glitching, hacking, cheat mods, personal arsenals, or any other unapproved mods are not permitted.
  4. Racist, sexist, or any similar verbal abuse is not permitted.
  5. Do not grief other players.
  6. Do not willfully murder civilians, destroy their homes/buildings/vehicles, or execute surrendered prisoners of war.
  7. What the admin says, goes. Do not argue. If you feel you have been punished unfairly, post an appeal here.

Additional Rules
Violation of these rules will generally not result in an immediate ban, but are subject to admin interpretation and enforcement.

  1. Utilizing stolen civilian or OPFOR equipment/vehicles is not permitted. If it's not in the FOB arsenal/build menu, you aren't supposed to use it. Our arsenals are very liberal; if you want to live out your Spetsnaz dream life, do it on another server. [2][3]
  2. Make every attempt to select the correct player slot for the role you intend to fill. Do not eat up a pilot spot, and then proceed to grab a rifle and run on the ground.
  3. Do not sit AFK on the server regardless of the current server population. It causes unnecessary network traffic, and if you are alone it keeps the OPFOR active with no BLUFOR to resist them.

Special Rules for Armor/Air
Violation of these rules will generally not result in an immediate ban, but are subject to admin interpretation and enforcement.

  1. All pilots and armor crew must be on Teamspeak and connected to ACRE, as well as monitoring a standard radio network (10 or 50 for armor, 10 or 80 for air).
  2. This server is not where you learn to fly, vehicles cost resources and aren't easily replaced. Practice in the 3den editor.
  3. Transport helicopters may be left in the field by a group if the pilot wishes to participate in the ground assault, but it may not be abandoned.
  4. Helicopters and armor are expensive and are not personal taxis. The above rule does not apply to single players.
  5. Shut off/spool down your vehicles when staging at a base. Some of these vehicles are very loud at close proximity and prevent others from talking.
  6. The fighter jets are powerful multirole strike fighters and its strengths lie in its speed and maneuverability. Do not use it like a helicopter and hover around areas of operation - that's what the AH-6 and MH-60 DAP are for.
  7. Do not drop high explosive munitions in densely populated or urban areas. M282 APKWS MPP munitions are high penetration, low splash guided rockets that are adept at destroying light skinned vehicles or disabling heavier ones without significant area damage.
  8. The following weapons systems/ammunition types are not allowed for any vehicle or player under any circumstances:
    • Mk19 Canister Round (40mm flechette)
    • Any cluster munitions (bombs beginning with CBU)
    • GBU-24 w/ BLU-118 (thermobaric)

[1] - If all attempts to recover a stricken friendly vehicle are exhausted, scuttling it via an airstrike or controlled detonation is permitted. The personnel involved in this action assume all responsibility for any friendly casualties and collateral damage. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
[2] - Utilizing OPFOR weaponry may be overlooked in an emergency when ammunition/launchers are in short supply. Picking up an RPG to kill an armor piece, or replacing your empty machine gun with an AKM is permissable in extreme situations. Understand that you accept ALL responsibility for friendly fire in this situation, as you are making yourself similar to an enemy. Communicate your change in equipment to as many people as you reasonably can. As soon as is possible, attain a friendly resupply or return to base and re-equip approved weaponry from the Arsenal.
[3] - Temporarily utilizing enemy vehicles or weapons emplacements may be necessary from during emergencies. For example, the Liberation scenario begins with very little in the way of supporting vehicles, and an abandoned BMP or T-72 can prove very useful in repelling an attacking helicopter. Utilizing these objects should be done only during an emergency when there is little or no other recourse, and the vehicle should be abandoned or returned to the FOB for recycle following the end of the emergency.

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