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[Read First] Joining the 1st IRF (SOC) Milsim Unit
[Image: 330px-3_Ranger_Battalion_Shoulder_Sleeve...ia.svg.png]

A step-by-step guide to joining the 1st IRF (SOC) Realism Unit

1.) Make sure you meet our requirements for joining:
  • Minimum Age Requirement: 16 Years old. Those under 16 are not allowed. No exceptions.
  • Need to have ArmA 3 installed. Your application will not be processed without a valid Player ID.
  • TeamSpeak 3 VoIP Client and working microphone/speakers/headset. You need to hear us, we need to hear from you. You will not be allowed to begin initial training without these.
  • Ability to attend at Sunday 1900UK time.

2.) Read and Understand the Definition of Realism Gaming:
  • The 1st IRF(SOC) Milsim Unit is a volunteer unit. By applying, you are stating that a realism environment is how you want to play ArmA III. What we do here is essentially "role-playing" that we are members of the military. When involved in official unit activities, you will play your part. Be you a Private, Lance Corporal, Sergeant, or even a Captain or above; or be you a rifleman, fire team leader, or even a platoon commander or above; you are here because realism in gaming is what you want. If you don't wish to participate in this manner, then this unit is likely not the place for you.

3.) Check the current open billets post for a list of open entry-level 'jobs' within the Unit.
  • Here is a link to a page with the currently open billets.
  • On or TeamSpeak or discord you can contact an recruiter about these positions.

4.) Fill out our Application Form.
  • Do it right the first time; our recruiting team will appreciate it and your application can be processed faster. If you cannot fill out the application in its entirety (missing PID, missing mic/headset, etc.) then don't submit it. Wait until you have all of the required information before applying.

5.) Wait patiently.
  • We have real lives, real jobs, and real commitments to many other things outside of this unit. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. Sometimes that is an hour, sometimes it's a few days. Please make sure that you have Private Messaging enabled in your user profile. This helps us contact you when we need to.

6.) Receive Acceptance.
  • If you've done everything correctly up to this point then you should see an "[ACCEPTED]" tag on your application, as well as a private message giving you instruction on your next steps. Follow these instructions, ask questions when you need to, and have fun!

What training will be required of you:
  • After you are accepted, you will be appointed a Recruiter to help you through all the processes in the training pipeline. By submitting your application, you understand that you will have to complete the entirety of the School of Infantry prior to being able to participate in operations.

The School of Infantry consists of:
  • Recruit Training (One Day)
    •  Orientation, loadouts, radio familiarization, rifle/grenade/AT familiarization range
  • After completion of Recruit training, you will be promoted to private and sent to the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program(RASP).

  • Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) (Three Days)
    • Day One - Formations, movement, medical introduction, basic map skills, intro to Heliborne Operations
    • Day Two - MOUT, Convoy Operations
    • Day Three - Airborne School, Final FTX, Graduation
  • After completion of RASP, you will be a full member of the unit and will be assigned a section within the unit. You will have 30 days from graduation to complete a rifle range.

Understanding the difference between Reserve and Active membership:
  • Active: Required to attend atleast four operations a month, but preffered all operations. This is usually Four training days, Four BMQ, and four FMQ operations a month for a total of twelve trainings/operations per month. Active duty members receive full credit for time in grade and are promoted normally.
  • Reserve: Not required to attend anything, however, allowed to attend events that they wish. If you feel like you can't commit to additional training after RASP, that's fine - you can request a transfer to the reserve platoon where you can "Fill in" for another unit any time there is an event on, and you want to attend. It's an easy way to stay as a participant, even if not as often as everyone else. Reserve members receive NO credit for time in grade and are NOT promoted.

We hope this information has been helpful in providing context and input into the training pipeline; if you have any questions, comments, or issues, please contact any recruiter. You can also find us in the Unit Recruitment channel on the 1st IRF Discord.
- S-3 Training & Operations

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