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HOWTO: Set up your Squad XML
The squad.xml is a file generated by the website and used by Arma to display chosen information about our members when in Arma 3, as well as enabling the display of our logo on shoulder patches and boarded vehicles. Most of the data required by the squad.xml is automatically generated by the website, however a few additional steps are required to activate it in-game:

Make sure your website username is the same in-game, Including the rank.
[Image: squad-setup-part-three.jpg?rev20201005]
For example: LtCol. Ter Horst, K. is on the website, then your player name should be: LtCol. Ter Horst, K.
If your username doesn't match, click Edit on the right-hand side of the arma profile to change it.

Step 1: Open Arma Profile

  1. Open the Arma main menu
  2. Click the Person icon (top right)
  3. Click on your current profile's name

Step 2: Configure Unit

  1. Select your 1st IRF Profile (left sidebar)
  2. Select and edit the UNIT tab
  3. Set UNIT to Custom
  4. Set SQUAD XML to https://1st-irf.com/xml/squad.xml
  5. Click APPLY

Join the server and test that your squad.xml is active by seeing if [1st-IRF] appears next to your name while in a slot.
If your squad.xml is not functioning, please double check that all of the above steps have been followed before contacting your NCO.

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