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Recruits sign up for Recruit Training here


Hello Recruits,
If you already haven't make sure you read this "Read First" thread before signing up for BCT

The calendar above provides the schedule of Basic Combat Training classes. Mouse-over a date to read details about the class.
New recruits are required to attend 1 Basic Combat Training Class to progress in the entry training pipeline. The entire pipeline must be completed to enter the unit.

Each Class has a student limit of 16 people so make sure you're on time to keep your spot.

You will need the the following mods:


Correctly installed and ready before you sign up for this class. These mods can and should be given to you by your Recruiter. If they have not already done so, seek out a different Recruiter. If you would like to test your mods, you may do so by contacting your recruiter or a recruit instructor to get access to a IRF server.

If you do not have these mods ready to go when the class starts, you will be asked to attend another time. This is meant to speed up classes and not make people wait for those who haven not taken the time to check their mods prior to class. I should be in the classroom channel approximately 15 minutes before the class starts to help anyone with problems.


If you require extra assistance with your mods or just assistance in general, feel free to seek out any Recruiter or Recruit Instructor. They are here to help you to the best of their abilities and to make sure that your transition into the 15th is as easy as it can be. However, we also have help on the forums readily available for you.

If you would like a step-by-step instruction on how to properly install your mods, please refer to our Arma 3 Mod Installation Tutorial. If you have questions regarding mod installation, launcher setup, or even general questions about the 15th, feel free to ask at our Help Desk .

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q - What TeamSpeak Channel should I be in?
A - The channel can be anywhere in the "Classroom" section. The instructor for the class should post a global message in TeamSpeak confirming the channel to be in at or around 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before class begins.

Q - What should I do if I cannot attend after signing up for a class?
A - The respectful thing to do would be to edit your sign up post and write "Disregard" or something similar. If you don't, and just do not attend the class, your class may wait extra time for you in case you "show up late."

Q - What should my name in TeamSpeak/in-game be?
A - As detailed in your Welcome Aboard PM, your name should be "Rct. Lastname, Firstletter.", without the brackets ex: (Rct. Doe, J.) The structure is the exact same in-game as well.

Q - What should I prepare and/or bring to recruit training?
A - The only thing you should have prepared is working mods (to the best of your ability), and a healthy desire to learn.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Recruit Training, or the entry training pipeline, please message:

Chief Recruit Instructor : @Strickland
S-3 Training Chief : @Michaelis


If you would like to attend this class, sign up in this thread. Please include your last name (the last name you used on your application), along with the dates and times of the classe.

Note: More dates and times will eventually be added as instructors become available.

Example for formatting your signup, do NOT use these dates and times and add your answer regarding Acre2 - If it doesn't work or if you aren't sure, do NOT sign up and contact your recruiter

"Rct. Smith, J. will be attending Recruit Training:
Does your Acre2 work ingame? [Answer]
Have you read the "Read first" thread? [Answer]

Recruit Training on 10NOV75 at 1800 UK"

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